We met at the cab rank.

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I checked my blackberry again for the umpteenth time. Still no message from Nicola about how I would find this new guy, Sam, who was going to work with me and who had recently joined our Paris office. I stuffed the phone back into my suit jacket pocket and hung the jacket on the extended handle of my cabin luggage.

The queue for cabs outside the terminal building was not moving very quickly and although it was pleasantly warm, what I really wanted was (apart from the obvious) a good shower, some dinner and a glass or two of merlot. Behind me was a group of young early twenties men who looked to be on the way home after a week of sangria fuelled holiday somewhere in the Med. They were loud and beginning to grate but they were just having a laugh. In between their deep leacherous chuckles there were stares and whispered comments obviously about someone further along the queue.
I turned to see who they were talking about.

She was average height, her strawberry blonde hair swept up in a knot and squeezed under a sports cap. Long strands of hair had fallen loose across her face which as I looked at her she tucked behind her ears. She was slim with a boyish figure,a flat stomach, small tits, narrow hips and legs that were in proportion to her upper body. She was wearing a tight white string t shirt that showed off her deep tan (despite the blonde hair) and made the most of her figure. I wondered how often she worked out at a gym to have such a great figure. There was a gap that showed off more of her tan before the top of her low waisted three quarter length olive cargo pants. Just visible was the lacey top of her underwear. Her sunglasses were hooked down the front of her t shirt. The effect being to pull the already flattering neck line further down. The necklace, which had large wooden beads strung along a leather lace, looked understated and classy.

On her feet I noticed she was wearing a pair of flip flops and her toe nails were painted matt black – the tan was good even on her toes.

The queue moved a few feet. She moved to pick up her case and as she bent her legs, the low waisted cargoes parted from her back and the lacey topped pants showed themselves to be in fact a lacey g-string. The lads behind me became much louder as they spotted this wardrobe malfunction with the normal cat calls and giggles. My eyes made contact with hers and I raised my eyebrows as if in a kind of apology. She flashed me a wide smile to acknowledge an act of friendship and then waved her hand in front of her face as if to say how warm it was. I smiled back and commented something about what the flight must have been like if they had been on it. She nodded, leant towards me and said quietly that she could take all of them on and spit out their bones if she wanted. There was something in her eyes and in the surprisingly husky voice that had the trace of a European accent that made me believe she probably could.

I took the courage to fish out of my duty free bag an unopened bottle of water, condensation beginning to run down the outside to show it was still cold. I twisted the cap open and offered it to her. She flashed me that smile again and said quietly about me being an angel in disguise. Being the well brought up kind of guy I am, I replied the pleasure was all mine. She took the cap off, took a generous swig, her eyes closed for a moment, wiped the top of the bottle with her hand and offered it back to me. “go on, have some, there isn’t anything I have you couldn’t possibly also have.” I took a swig, the cold water almost sizzling as it found the back of my throat.

“Are you here on business or do you live here?” she asked. I told her I was on business and it was my first time. I added that I hadn’t a clue where I was going other than an hotel with Royale in the title. But where it was and how far that was I didn’t know for sure. She laughed, “That is where I am going too. I am visiting also but I know the town quite well. I studied here as a student.”

By now the queue had moved. There had been two or three groups in front who took cabs together. My new friend was next but turned to me and suggested it made sense to travel together if we were going to the same hotel. I nodded and made to lift my case as the next cab swept in. You can imagine the noise the group of lads made when they realised what we were doing. As my new friend went to lift her bag, the strap burst and she staggered a bit, droping on to her knee to see if it was easily fixed. From where I was standing the view down her front was awesome and something stirred in me as I took in the view. I quickly recovered and offered to pick up the bag and put it in the boot of the cab. She looked up a little bit flustered and mouthed her thanks.

We were quickly on our way. Both of us in the back with the windows down. Air conditioning wasn’t an option for the driver. There was a pregnant pause.

I saw the driver look at us in the rear view mirror. He asked me where we were going but before I could fish the detail out of my pocket, she answered for us and asked if he could go via The Green. I thought nothing of it but I did think she was one super confident person and very attractive with it.

I turned to ask her something, but as I started she also spoke to me. We laughed. I gesticulated for her to carry on. She said, “sorry, so did you like the view back there?” I looked at her, a little embarrassed to be found out. I mumbled something about being very sorry but yes it was a commendable view . I waited a moment, before asking whether anyone had sole rights to the view. She looked puzzled as she tried to interpret what I said. “I mean, do you have a partner?” she looked away, thought for a moment and then turned her head to look straight in my eyes. Her eyes were a deep green and they shone with teasing,”Well, we will just have to see won’t we?”. She laughed and took the cap pff her head and ran her fingers through her hair.

Now we were relatively alone i had the opportunity of appreciating her even more. Her face had high cheek bones, her lips were full and i noticed for the first time her freckles over her nose and cheeks and down over the exposed part of her chest and arms. They were sun freckles and there was something about her that made me want to know more about her.

“I am Craig”, I said. She turned and stuck out her hand. “Nice to meet you Craig. My name is Samantha, but my friends call me Sam. So what’s the plan for tonight and tomorrow?” I looked at her somewhat stunned.

“Tonight and tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yes. We should have dinner or something and if you are going to be here a few days as I am we ought to plan some free time things”.

Next episode – soon


Cottage country

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Check out this collaboration between yours truly and Fantasia … http://pillowtalkpress.wordpress.com/ this is the prologue with two sexy episodes to follow that should intrigue many ….

Virtual desire

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I have become friendly with another blogger (Fantasia)(check out her blog sometime soon which is very informative!) and we have collaborated to bring together the following imaginary texts/sms entries between two horny individuals … you are invited to follow the conversation and get involved to the level appropriate for you …. . We hope you enjoy it …. In case you don’t follow,  He starts.   Please leave a comment – it costs nothing to stop by for a moment. 

ps also check out http://naughtysecretary.wordpress.com but it isnt for the faint hearted !!


How would you feel if you knew that when you sit in your room at night I watch you from a crack in the bedroom door as you slip out of your clothes and remove your make up? My eyes feasting on your curves and elegant lines that make your delicate frame? How would feel if you knew from behind that doorway I long to caress those curves and taste your heady perfume on my tongue. How would you feel if you knew how much I wanted for your soft hands to peel away my clothes so that we share the moment in naked honesty? How would you feel if you knew of me standing behind the doorway hidden from your penetrating gaze; while you stretch out upon your bed, the cool sheets beneath your body, hot and flushed as you seek release; your head tilting, your eyes tight shut and your hips raised in utter open abandondness; how would you feel if you knew that my body aches for intimate solace? How would you feel on that bed if you knew that my body longs to lie next yours, our limbs entwined as lovers do? How would you feel if you knew that I wanted to feel your warm wet kiss from your pink lips as my own kiss upon your velvet thighs? How would you feel if you knew I wanted it to be my fingers penetrating those damp moist pink lips? How would you feel if they sunk sucking sensual deep within you on your cool sheets? How would you feel if you knew that I wanted to know how it felt to feel your hands on my own hot flushed body and the touch of your wet pink lips?


How would you feel if I knew? And all you had to do … Was … To do it…. How would you feel?


Nervous … excited .. want that touch to last …. and yet that moment to arrive quickly … Happy …. Even hornier … Would it should it could it make me drip in anticipation? Would it it make me want to touch myself and increase the ache that I feel? How would it make you feel knowing I knew you knew …?


would you let me watch? as you touch yourself …aching for it to be me. Would you? as I reach for it but don’t actually touch …. what would you feel then? as my eyes carress …


I want more then for you to watch me; your eyes feasting on me. My body yours to devour and pleasure. The thought of your actual touch causes me to tremble. I stretch out my hand towards you, my fingers sticky with my own pleasuring …. ==================================

i lean in …. slow ever so slow. Your fingers brush a nipple as I slowly make my way down. You look at me, naked at your feet. Fresh and clean from a shower, the smell of Japanese cherry blossoms eminating from my recently moisturised body. My hand reaches out and holds on to the back of your knee. You tense. my fingers slowly – feather light – glide up and down the back of your thighs. My mouth is close …. you canfeel the heat of it against the tip of your member. You want to just shove it in between the moist lips, and yet you want to enjoy ever moment.


My mouth parts … you see my tonge wet my lips you notice that the hand has moved from the back of your knee to the base of your cock. I stroke it at it’s base, let your balls roll in my hand gently. my other hand is between my own thighs. I sigh. “look at me” the first words shared ….you look down ….


The sweet lingering scent of your recently showered body and the arousing aroma of your sex preparing itself heightens the intensity of my own desire; the caressing touch of your fingers between my legs and closeness of your lips to my manhood is close to overwhelming me … i look down to feast on your fingers slipping easily between those wet swollen pink lips parted as you straddle my body across the bed …


I turn so that you can see me sideways. You look at the curve of my back, the rise of my ass, you tentatively reach a hand out and caress the soft flesh of my derriere. It’s everything you thought it would be … and more.


You eyes have not left my mouth. You see me there, poised, ready and waiting for the moment I know you just can’t take it any longer. I can smell you in my nostrils. The veins of your cock are bulging with the rush of blood in the anticipation of those lips wrapping themselves at long last around your member. I notice a shiver take over your body… the anticipation almost too much. Your finger dig into my flesh as a silent “Oh please …”. Precum is making pretty little pearls on the tip.


I lick it off – still not actually touching your cock ….you moan …


the sensation of your tongue gentle and soft on the tip of my throbbing cock sends shock waves through me … i gasp at the intensity of the touch and grasp at your butt in an uncontrolled response to the attention and the unspoken desire between us … i want to feel you wrap yourself around me, to spear deep into your soft warm flesh, the insides your thighs brushing against the outside of mine, your butt using my legs as a cushion as you lean forward, your tits softly falling across the tops of my legs, your hair trailing and spilling over my stomach and groin, i move to move the hair fallen aross your face ….. my hips lifting to narrow the gap between us …


…. and your member slides between the soft folds of my lips. The moist and warm embrace is almost more than you can manage. I resist sucking. Don’t want you to come just yet. Your breathing a little fast but your death grip on my ass has relaxed. I go down. You can feel the back of my throat close in the gag reflex over the tip of your hot and oozing cock. Your moan is almost a whisper. The sensation is incredible. AS I pull back up I let my teeth ever so gently grate against the skin, and plunge back down, deep into the back of my throat. I repeat this over and over, my hand holding the base squeezing and releasing it to add to the delight. My tongue on the way up does and internal swoosh over the head of your shaft, a delightful tease. your hand leaves my ass and careful not to dislodge my finger from my clit or get in the way you let your finger slide inside. I moan with your cock in my mouth …. the vibration at the back of my throat with your cock-head there the most pleasurable feeling you could imagine. You look down, you see me working your manhood expertly…. you can’t believe your eyes, nor the feelings your body is experiencing. I continue to suck, pull, squeeze and swirl. You feel an orgasm threatening you ….


I am torn between the desire to explode my seed in your mouth, to gush and spray hot cum over your firm breasts and hard nipples, to watch you lick and clean me or to take you deep with my dick where our fingers slip and slide in unison, the source of the juices that leak over our hands and smear over the tops of the insides of your thighs. I want to place my lips over your gorged nipples and suck them and their fleshy firm surrounds. ….. I look pleadingy at you for any sign of your preference I whisper your name as I struggle to focus other than on the waves of pleasure breaking over me and threatening to over whelm me.


I take pity on you as I see in your eyes the struggle to decide what to do next. I plunge. Sucking you cock hard and repeatedly. A low and steady litenay of my name escapes from your own lips. Your toes curl, your head throws back against the pillow missing the headboard by an inch and you explode into the back of my throat. I hold, suck and take one long last pull.

————————————- || —————————————————-

The last stand

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It had been one of those evenings out that everyone dreams of having. In each bar they had been in there was such a party atmosphere and everyone had been so friendly. In a couple of bars they had bumped in to friends of friends and had a few drinks bought for them, in a another someone had just become engaged and bought the entire bar a cocktail.

By the time they had decided to walk the few blocks back to the apartment the effects of alcohol was beginning to manifest itself. They knew it was time to leave when Craig lifted Sam on to the bar where he was already standing and proceeded to kiss her opened mouthed and tongue wagging in front of the assembled masses shouting and encouraging them in their embrace.

They walked arm in arm the few blocks to the apartment stopping now and again to hold each other close and kiss passionately. Their hands pulling the other closer so that they could feel each others curves and smell the perfume and aftershave. Now and again one of them would let their arms stretch so that their hands caressed and tugged at the others butt or slipped a hand inside clothing and fumbled around caressing and neading those spots they knew would make the other gasp and want more. By the time they made it to the lift lobby, Craig’s shirt was untucked and almost completly unbuttoned, Sam’s bra was unhooked and both had felt the others physical readiness for what they both so wanted with the other. They giggled and teased and tickled each other in the lift, snatching wet kisses and caressing those parts of the other they had come to know would be sensitive and erogenous to the touch. Fingers slid over erect nipples and swollen bulges in trousers even as Sam looked for her key.

As they closed the door behind them they could barely hold themselves back. Sam was leaning with her back against the door, Craig’s knee wedged between her knees, his crotch digging into her lower hip. His hands searching to undo the buttons on her blouse zip and then pull it down off her shoulders. Her breasts small but wonderfully shaped fell out and he trembled as he took her left one in his right hand. Her breasts felt as good as he could remember. He ran his thumb down it, tracing the shape of the breast and over the hardened nipple. It turned him on further as she let out a soft moan to his tender touch. Their mouths worked over each other, tasting and being tasted by the other, their breathing hurried, quickening all the while. There was an urgency in their embrace that they had not experienced for a while.

Craig broke off his wet kiss and began to nibble and then run his tongue down her neck.   He loved the sensation of her velvety skin on his tongue and feeling of the fine hairs that covered her neck added a texture he had forgotten existed. It had been so long since they had been together. The thrill and exitement he was experiencing left him lusting and desring for more. The bulge in his trousers felt good.

Small electric shocks ran through Sam’s body and she enjoyed the thrill of her sexual state being hightened by this man as her nipples grew between his fore finger and thumb. Now semi naked, her small breasts exposed to his strong hands’ caress she undid the last remaining button of his shirt and slipped it of his shoulders.   She gasped as their naked torsos gently touched each other.   Her nipples catching against the lower part of his chest.

They again kissed. This time slower and expectant, savouring the moment of unspoken passion and desire for the other. Again his hand cupped her breast. And again another wave of excitement flowed through her body.   She wanted him here, now, like this.  

His hands now worked lower down on her body, lifting the hem of her skirt high over her hips and exploring inside her panties, down between her cheeks and high inside her thighs. He paused for a moment to tug her dampened panties down over her hips and she stepped out of them. She lifted her left leg on to his hip, curling her stilletoed foot round his back opening more of her to his fingers.   Soon the moisture between her legs coverd his fingers and smeared across the soft skin at the top of her legs.   His fingers dipped in and out of her maybe an inch and half, promising more and more delights to follow.   She leaned into his touch and allowed herself the pleasure of riding his fingers. She wanted more but also wanted to make sure he was ready for that too.  

She broke off from his his mouth and lowered her leg while staring him full in his eyes and tugged to undo his belt and button fly of his jeans. Using both hands she pulled his jeans down off his hips and below his knees quickly followed by his boxers. To his obvious delight and still holding his gaze, she took some saliva from her mouth in her fingers and quickly applied it to his bobbing manhood. As her hand slid smoothly over him an animal sound of encouragement leaked out from him.   She lowered her head and with her tongue traced straight down from the nape of his neck, over his chest, across his tawt stomach and through his fine trimmed pubic hair at the base of his manhood that throbbed against her cheek.   She loved his gasp when she gently ran her wet tongue along the shaft, and round the large dome that was pink and now self lubricated.  Her tongue softly tasted him and Craig let out a long deep moan.  Sam wet her lips and placed them round his tip. Sliding her tongue round and over the firm flesh filling her mouth. She edged further down the shaft taking more of him in her mouth. Her tongue sliding and her mouth sucking all the while. Her hands held his balls and she gently rubbed and caressed them. 

Feeling his body tense and his hips begin to rock as if wanting to fuck her mouth, she eased off and slowly withdrew him from her mouth. She turned round and slowly eased herself, so that an inch of him sat inside the throbbing lips at the top of her legs.   She could feel his strong thighs against the backs of her legs. She adjusted her stance and then allowed herself to slide further down his shaft, to begin with a little tentative and gasping at the initial pain, but responsing to the growing pleasure that quickly replaced it.  She propped herself against the door for support until she had taken all of him.  Slowly she began to lift herself up his shaft and then down again, each up and down broken by a moment ground onto him. His hands guided her ass as she began to increase speed.  Once she had found the right rythm she took one breast in her hand and caressed and squeezed where his hands had been not long before. 

Craig could feel her love juices dripping on him as she lifted and slid down on him. He loved the sensation of her juices mingling at the base of his manhood and how it turned him on even more. A line of her juice spilled on to his balls.

Feeling her own nipples was always horny for Sam. She bit her lip trying to keep herself from exploding too soon. She wanted to so much but she did not want to stop either. She loved the mix of sounds that they were creating, the soft squelch of her pussy beating down firmly on his shaft. Her moans loud now with each rise and fall along him, the slap-slap sound of her butt and thighs meeting his legs and balls. His own sounds of rising expectancy from initial whispers to encourage her to loud ‘oh yes’ each time she ground on to him was also a source of increasing eroticism for her. 

She sensed he must be close when the light guiding touch of his hands changed to strong gripping of her hips and she felt him begin to pump into her as she rocked back on him. Shooting white lights of erotic pleasure sent her into further loud moans as she arched her back and butt into his pumping cock. Sam knew it would not, it could not, be long before they came and she increased the firmness and frequency of her rythm.   Craig responded by pummelling her pussy, raming himself into and against her.  A moment later her legs almost gave way as wave after wave of climax broke over her. 

He was quick to hold her and support her as his cock expanded and pulsed his own cum deep inside her and combined with a loud drawn out growl of pleasure. He fought to stay standing and support Sam as the intensity of the moment also nearly overcame him. At the same time, she felt as if every nerve ending had been highly charged as her own orgasim took hold.  She shouted ouhis name in what seemed like a long scream. Her legs buckled and although he held her from droping, his wet cock slipped out, erect and still pumping cum. She felt him resting on her bare back, it contents spilling up towards her shoulders.

Waiting while her knees found their strength Craig struggled to keep himself from squashing her into the apartment front door.

Their clothes were spilled on the floor beneath and beside them, the soft silk of her purple bra offset by his pink shirt heaped on the wooden floor. Her by now crushed skirt was still pulled over her hips and was covered with streaks of his cum. 

She found her feet and turning round, Sam pulled him close. Her mouth kissing him softly on his lips and round the stubble on his chin. His own breathing was still laboured but he responded to her attention. He ran the fingers of one hand through her long hair before breaking off to kiss her on her temple. Standing silently naked together like that, Sam felt his cum trickle out of her as well as slowly down her back. Love making with Sam was always special and this was no exception, “Come on, let’s get cleaned up” he whispered, “then we can do this again!”

The end

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings

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The fat lady on the stage was making heavy weather of the long solo she had – she knew it and so did the audience. Ifidgeted in myseat, the tuxudo was heavy, the wing collar was very irritating and my new shoes that I’d had to buy to look the part were making my feet sore. I glanced at Sam in the gloom that surrounded the auditorium and smiled at her appearance. Her long hair was swept up on her head, elegant strands fell about her face and showed off the fine faetures of her neck. Her black evening dress had stunned him when she appeared from the bedroom a couple of hours earlier. It swept across and down her front revealing a massive expanse of cleavage and creamy soft skin and evidently she been sun bathing topless to get such an even tan across her chest. A black choker fitted round her neck. The cut of the dress showed off her thin waist and dropped to the floor. Her long legs were revealed by a long slit that fell open as she walked and needed careful elegant poise not to gape as she sat in the seat next to him. She too looked as bored as I felt. She fanned herself with the programme and blew air like she did to make her fringe flutter in its breeze. Everything else was entirely still – except of course for the fat lady. Finally, excruciatingly slowly but finally, the climax of the song passed and the act came to a close. Sympathetic if not warm applause accompanied her exit. I stood and winced, holding out a hand at Sam who smiled at me as she took it in hers. ———————————————————————————————————————————— The more I sat and listened to the grotesquely overweight woman twitter her way around the stage and destroy my memories of the tragic and normally beautiful song, the more I wanted to get out – but Craig must have spent a small fortune to get these seats and to suggest bunking out early seemed somehow ungrateful. I noticed Craig shift again on his seat. He looked rather dashing in his DJ and quite a hunk, but he was clearly struggling to understand what was going on in front of him or appreciate the art form (which even I was beginning to doubt) – how would he cope another 2 hours of this? It was sheer relief that the blessed woman’s song came to its sorrowing end and the act closed. A thought eaked its way across my numbed brain during the weak applause and by the time Craig had offered me his hand to lead me outside into the bar area my plan hatched further. So i let him lead me up the steps and as we wandered into the cooler air I whispered in to his ear. “Ever wanted to be really really naughty?” “Sure, but what you got in mind?” he replied. “Just play along and you’ll see” I teased as I took two glasses of sparkling wine and handed him one. “One of the pleasures of these outdoor set-ups is that well ….” my voice trailed off as I looked around “… is that sound carries a very long way on such a clear night”. I said looking side ways at him playing with my one of curls as it fell against my face.


With that we stood quite close to each other. She put an arm round my waist and let her hand wander below the waist band of my trousers and onto my butt. I leaned against the wall as she slipped a hand inside my trousers and caressed my butt. After an hour of fine art, this was much more my thing. I was very conscious that my cock, that had otherwise given up, was now finding new life and vigour. Sam murmoured her approval as she squezzed my butt to pull us closer to one another. “ok, follow me and don’t look back” she said suddenly. We walked through the exit and found ourselves in a large formal garden with extensive lawns and paths that took (normally daytime) visitors to explore what were now dark and unlighted corners. The bell went inside and Sam giggled,”I can’t believe I am going to do this” “do what for goodness sake?” I asked urgently trying to resist the temptation of looking behind.


I stopped when the twists of the path meant we couldn’t be seen by the exit we had left through or any of the auditorium. The bell had sounded again and now the orchestra struck up for the beginning of act two. The ugly overweight woman began to inflict her pain but being so far away it sounded almost okay. I pulled Craig close and kissed him softly and sensuously. My mouth found his and our tongues flicked and twisted with the others. The kiss long passionate and increasingly noisy. His hands rested on my hips, holding me gently.


It was softness of her first kiss that caught me out. There was something about it that made her vulnerable and yet incredibly sexy. I let her choose the pace she wanted to follow, she seemed to have a plan and thus far to the orchestral accompiantment I was happy to follow. Sam leaned towards me a little more and I slipped my hands onto the small of her back. Her face was turned up to mine, her eyes closed in complete trust in the moment. I thought I heard her purr, but maybe it was one of those sighs crossed with a moan. .


 It was time to change gear. I took one of my hands from behind his neck and held it close to his groin. The small lump grew in my hand without much attention as we carried on kissing. The kisses were firmer and we sucked on each others lips. My fingers gripped the swelling lump and his breathing changed to be deeper. I took one of his hands and placed it inside the slit of dress on my bare hip. Craig growled and his hand seemed to work and know what I wanted. The growl came again when after the hand had stretched from side to back and to front that there was not a stitch of underwear. His obvious delight was reflected in what I was holding – it strained against the suit. The sensation of his hand against my skin , running slowly over my butt cheek, down my thigh and onto the waxed smooth skin above my pussy made me tremble with anticipation and I encouraged him by soft moans and rubbing his bulge with the palm of my hand. 


 The fact she was commando under that dress and had been all evening was a real turn on. Her smooth skin felt good to touch and caress. But when her hand tugged at my zip and slipped inside to play with my cock, now that was something else. Slowly I eased from kissing her mouth, she sucked on my lip and even seemed reluctant to let go. With her thumb running softly on the tip of my cock, I lowered my head to kiss her long elegant neck and tease her ear. In between kisses I licked and nibbled and she moaned a little more. When my hand pushed against the top of the inside of her thigh, her legs parted and my fingers instantly felt the moisture and dampness of her. She gasped when my thumb pressed against that spot on the top of her pussy and threw her head back when I took my fingers across and down the soft folds beneath.


The music from the opera floated on the still night air and the perfume of the flowers and fresh cut grass filled the air. With his hands working their magic and mine teasing and massaging his cock, it was then that any doubts I might have had about what to do next completely evaporated. I told him in between snatched kisses to lay down on his back and to pull down his trousers. He complied willingly and I hitched my dress as I stood astride him. Lowering myself so that I knelt and hovering my pussy close to his cock I reached to kiss him once more and then eased myself on to him. Although I was wet before, the stimulation caused by his penetration seemed to open to floodgates that provided more than enough lubrication. Just that simple lunge onto him was electric and I fought back the need to fully let go. My eyes met his gaze at me as his hands slid inside my dress to hold my hips and support my thrusts.


She thrust down on me to the hilt and then lifted herself to the tip, paused, and then lowered herself down onto me. I raised my hips to meet her. And so on for maybe 10 thrusts. My cock flowed easily with her juices helping to lubricate and it wasn’t long before each thrust was accompanied by a satisfying slurp. She sat on me very upright, riding me harder and harder. Her hands to begin with on my chest to support her larger thrusts. After a while her hands strayed to her breasts which with a little difficulty she released from her dress. She rolled her hard nipples between her finger and thumb before squeezing and tugging at them. I motioned to her that if she wanted us to come together there was a limit to how long i could keep the pace going – she acknowledged and within a few further moments lost all reserve. Her gyration on top of me took me to the brink and she began to make little whimper noises with each thrust from her hips. She fell forward a little and placed her hands on the grass either side of my head , her breasts swaying in front of my face. Beads of perspiration grew on her top lip. I strained forward and caught one breast with my mouth. Her breathing quickened. My tongue rolled over her nipple and I sucked on it. 


 It wouldn’t be much more now could it? His cock felt good deep inside me, I gripped it as best I could with my pussy and with his warm mouth on my breasts there was as much stimulation as I could deal with. Suddenly time seemed to stand still …. my mouth opened to breathe but all I could do was gasp as an intense wave of sensation, so much pleasure it was almost painful swept through me … my whimpers grew louder and then I was screaming as more waves swept over me. My body shook with multiple tremors as I felt his cock swell again inside me and hot cum shot into me.


It was as if we had been meant for that moment. As I felt my cum surge along my shaft, my body arched and a low growl grew louder until I was shouting “yes” and “Sam”. We carried on thrusting through each wave, carried through by willing the pleasure to keep going. It felt an age before it all subsided and all that was left was our laboured breathing and on the gentle breeze the sound of the opera. It seemed that the old saying was true. It wasn’t over until the fat lady had sung.


Author’s note:

Please do let me know what you would like our young duo to get up to next or send me your own descriptive writing.  If you haven’t read the ‘we met at the cab rank’ stories, please do so to see how the story has  developed.

Right or wrong ?

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Someone sent me this picture that I thought I could comment on ….


I have no idea who the young lady is but how lucky is the husband if that is how she thinks and behaves …. ?

Further tales from the cab

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The bend in the river was as remote and secluded as I remembered from my days as a teenager spent on my own to explore the far reaches of my uncle’s farm. Much of the area was heavily wooded and was only used now and again for fishing and hunting. The path we were following had clearly not been used for sometime and was heavily overgrown.
We ducked under a half fallen tree and round a large overgrown bush and stepped out into a small clearing the size of half a football pitch and surrounded on three sides by the river and the fourth by the woods we had just walked through.
She squeezed my hand and walked ahead of me into the middle of the grassy clearing and down towards the rivers edge.  The sun shone strong and bright high above in the clear deep blue sky and the river looked blue as its waters slowly made their way towards the waterfall round the next bend. As beautiful as the scene was my eyes followed her as she found her way through the long grass and ferns towards the river bank. Her sleeveless summer dress was made from a chiffon material that clung to her as she moved detailing her curves and stretched neatly across her thighs, hips and butt. The  thin delicate straps kept the top half of the dress in place and exposed generous amounts of her well defined shoulder and back. At the front the cut of the dress plunged deep into her small cleavage. It wasn’t the best outfit for hiking in but wonderful for a lazy picnic. Sam’s long slender legs beneath the bottom of the dress were further revealed as she hitched up the dress to avoid it being caught by the undergrowth.
She stopped and turned towards me, leaning towards me her hands holding the dress above her knees. The low cut of the dress allowed me a pleasant view of her left breast small  and she had clearly decided to not bother with a bra today.
She smiled at me and teased me by turning away and hitched her dress higher from the long grass still slightly damp from the summer dew.  Her long legs smooth and tanned and I knew right then that this was the place to indulge in our fantasy.
I lifted my back pack off my shoulder and followed her towards the river bank. She set down the cool box on the grass. A sandy beach broke the high grass bank and led to the river’s edge. She kicked off her shoes and let her feet paddle in the shallow water’s edge.
“I thought it would be much colder than this.” she called as I sat on a large boulder and watched.
“Funny isn’t it? I always remember this stretch being warm too. Must be the combination of the sandbanks and the slow moving water. No one ever believed me it was easy to swim here.”
“you going to have a dip down memory lane?” she asked as she took a step further into the river, the dress now hitched high onto her hips.. I loved those legs.
“yeah, I guess.  Shame not to but we didn’t pack any swimming stuff.”
“is that a problem?” she replied with a glint in her eye.
I pulled off my own shoes and my shirt and walked into the water behind her, putting my arms round her waist. She leaned against me, the curve of her tight butt against my groin and her head on my chest. She held my arms and we stood like this for a while. I drank in the smell of her freshly washed hair and perfume and let my mind wander to just a few hours previously when we had been even closer but with her on her knees and bared but for the pink bustier and stockings.  She was moaning, her hips shaking as I slipped easily in and out her, her moans only broken by the regular pit pat sound of my groin and hips smacking against her butt cheeks.
Something stirred in my thin shorts and I wriggled to keep comfortable.  Sam wriggled against me, teasing me with her butt against my growing semi erect cock.
“hey hey guess who is awake!” she exclaimed.
She laughed before I could answer and waded back up onto the sandy shore. She sat on the sand opposite me, her legs splayed open and the material of her dress hitched up over her knees. I could see far up towards the tops of her thighs that I had come to know very intimately over the past few days.
“you see anything you like?” she asked and I felt like I had been caught with my fingers in the biscuit tin.
“just browsing” I purred, “no harm in checking out the goods before ….”
“what here?” she giggled. “clearly someone thinks something is going to happen.” nodding at the large bulge growing in my shorts.
“why not? I offered. “I think the wild life here will be used to
nature doing its thing. I walked up the beach and reached for our things.
I opened the back pack and pulled out a large blanket and some snacks and from cool box the bottle of bubbly wrapped in ice packs to keep it chilled. Sam shook out the blanket and two glasses carefully wrapped up from the box.
We sat together as she popped the cork from the bottle. It flew about 20ft in the air and landed in a bush and was followed by a spray of bubbly that ended up mostly over me.
In between shrieks and giggles, she quickly put the bottle in the box, pushed me on to my back and began to lick the spilt bubbly from my chest and stomach. She took the opportunity to kiss and nibble just above the waist band of my low slung shorts. I didn’t stop her.  My hands holding her gently, caressing her bare shoulders and back.  I extended my arms inside the dress as her head moved lower over my shorts.  I caught my breath as she touched my hard cock with her mouth through the material of my shorts.  Her breath felt hot even then.   She sensed my initial gasp, lifted her head and turned towards me, a hand making small gentle circles on the tip of my cock.  I noticed that there was a wet stain round the material.

“Hmmmm – enjoy that?” she asked, her eyes bright and shining

“Very very nice … what you thinking … you are thinking up some scheme aren’t you?”

She stood up and backed away a couple of paces and slid the straps of her dress down over her arms. “I know what you’re thinking,” she said.

“Oh really?  But your probably right.”

She slipped her hands under the hem of her dress and wriggled her small thong over her hips and down to her feet – stepping out of them and throwing them at me.

Then she crossed her hands on the hem of the dress and lifted it high over her head, lifting the dress clean off in a single moment.  She let the dress fall onto the blanket and looked at me in the eye – catching my stare.

Her hair cascaded over her tanned shoulders, her breasts showing signs of excitement by the size of her now erect nipples.  Her flat stomach and smooth pussy all on show and her long legs – slender and yet shaped and graceful.

“If you want me , you gotta ctach me,” she said.  And with that she ran nimbly down to the water’s edge and in a couple of strides dived through the clear water.  I didn’t wait to be asked twice and had my shorts down over my ankles before she surfaced.  I wasn’t quite as graceful as Sam, but I caught up with her as she swam away from the sore. 

The water was cool but not cold and we were able to stand on the sandy bottom, with the water at our shoulders.  I pulled her close and held her tightly and kissed her.  To begin with the kisses were soft and tender but she responded equally to me as the kisses got stronger and wetter and fuller.   Our tongues collided, explored each other’s mouths and played with the others. I ran my hands down over her arms and then down her sides, cupping the edges of her tits and onto her hips, pulling her more closely.  She tentatively lifted one leg up and round my hip and then as we kissed lifted the other so I was carrying her weight.  Her body pressed against mine, her arms wrapped round my neck.  Her mouth working on mine. 

My cock was like a ramrod in the water and I could feel it pressed against the inside at the top of her thigh.  Sam lifted herself so she was able to capture my cock at the tip of her pussy and rocked slowly against it with only maybe an inch slipping inside her. 

It was Sam who started to slow down the pace and eventually she broke of the kiss, my cock just inside her, her tits rubbing against my chest and we stayed like that for a moment or two before Sam whispered, “Shouldn’t we do this properly up on the grass or the beach?  I know I’d like that.” 

I nodded my agreement and kissed her nose.  We unentagled and waded ashore .  Sam was slightly ahead of me and I admired her butt and hips as she walked up out of the water.  I wanted to her so much and I could hardly wait. 

She knelt on the blanket and poured some more bubbly into the glasses.  I lay beside her and drank from the glass offered to me.  Small rivulets of water ran down her body, her skin clear, smooth and shinning.  With my free hand I cupped an exposed tit.  She drank from her glass, happy to be handled like such.  When she had finished, she placed our glasses in the box and let one of her hands caress her inner thigh as my hand continued to work on her tit.  Her nipple again became erect and her fingers continued to play with her pussy – slipping inside her and then with the juice, rubbing round her clit.  Once or twice she offered me her fingers to my mouth and i sucked her juice.

In a swift graceful hop, she straddled me and gestured to me to sit up so that she sat in my lap looking straight into my eyes.  She leaned to kiss me, her mouth opening to suck onto my bottom lip.  I held her, my hands again cupping her tits and my thumbs pressing firmly on her nipples.  She moaned and arched her back, lifting her hips, searching for my cock erect and throbbing that lay between her thighs.  Sam lowered herself onto me, swallowing the whole of me in a single movement so that I could feel the lips of her pussy grinding wet and soft against my the bottom of my shaft. 

Her body was tall, her back arching as she rode me, her arms leaning on my shoulders, her eyes open and staring over my head towards the trees.  Her rhythm quickened slowly and surely, her body sliding along my shaft and now and again pausing with my cock’s tip just inside her before she plunged herself down until grinding on to me.  Her moans had now changed to a whimper that with each passing moment began to become louder mirrored by the wet juicy sounds spreading from between our legs.  I whispered that if carried on much more like this I’d cream inside her but I wanted for much more before doing that. 

Sam nodded and slowed down before coming to a halt, my cock hard and swallowed deep inside her dripping pussy.  She looked at me, an eyebrow raised and then without saying anything lifted herself off me.  She knelt close by me and kissed me again on the mouth, long wet kisses, her tongue playing and teasing mine.  One of her hands on my chest and the other slipped into my crotch.  Her forefinger of that hand made soft gentle circles against my cock’s head, still lubricated from her own juice. 

“Take me from behind Craig.” she whispered in a soft voice and helped me to my knees before spreading herself for me.  She let me insert my cock before leaning back against me, upright.  Her body warm, soft and yet already rocking and pushing against me.  I put my arms round to her front, one low against the top of her thigh, squeezing against the topof her pussy, the other cupping a tit, her nipple caught between my thumb and forefinger as I rolled it between them.  She again moaned loudly as I slipped inside and then out of her.  She curled an arm round behind her head and placed her hand in the nape of  my neck as we rode together.  Her breathing getting faster and shallower with each plunge onto my cock that was heavily coated in her juice.  Her pussy began to tighten onto my cock as her orgasm began to build.  I was also moaning louldy, the still air broken by each of us calling out the other’s name. 

With one final plunge, suddenly Sam screamed and her body shook and trembled as wave after wave borke over her.  Turned on by this, my own balls ejected its cum and my cock spasmed and throbbed deep inside Sam.  I held her tight as the moment continued until spent she slumpt onto her hands, still pushing back onto my hips. I could feel the mix of our juices now seeping on to me. Sam slowly lifted herself off of me and turned to face me.  Her eyes wide open, her cheeks red and still panting.  She smiled and kissed me on my lips and then snucked down and began with her mouth to clean me up – her tongue gently licking, her lips working their way round my wilting cock and balls until i was damp from her mouth.  Then she curked her head on my lap and closed her eyes.

“Nice one Craig,” she said, “what is is your next fantasy?”





We met at the queue for a cab ~ epilogue

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Sam’s story


The rather camp steward made his way through the cabin for final
checks that eveyone’s seats were up, tables stowed and laptops and ipods switched off. He paused to reach past me to check the person sitting next to me was switching off their laptop.
“Please hurry sir, we are nearly landing.” he drooled. I caught a
whiff of his cologne which smelt only slightly better than the body
odor coming from my fellow passenger. Why do guys never get hygiene right? Either not enough or not good enough!
The plane banked steeply and the River Thames fell into view. In the
early morning light its muddy waters looked, well muddy.
Vast numbers of houses as far as the eye could see stretched out on either side although there was also an ambundance of parks and green open spaces.
I stretched my legs underneath the seat in front and checked I didn’t look a complete wreck. My short distressed jean skirt rode high and tight on my thighs and my long bare legs were wrapped in a pair of cowboy look boots. I still thought the halter neck sleeveless top was a hit if a little cool for the efficient air conditioning on the plane. My nipples poked through the satin material and I knew then Craig would love it. So nice not to be trussed up in a bra now and again especially when ones tits were as tiny as mine.
There was a jolt and squeal of brakes as the plane kissed the runway and I was thrown forward slightly as the plane slowed. I felt the skirt rise even further up my thigh and thought if I can’t get it
adjusted soon, the business man across the aisle will wonder if I have any underwear on at all. I glanced across but he was emersed in the WSJ or something.
The camp steward’s voice came across the public address system telling eveyone to stay seated and welcome to London City.
After what seemed an age the sound of the plane’s engines cut off and I released my seat belt to retrieve my small bag from under the seat in front. I took out my phone and flicked it on. Standing up I
stretched to open the overhead locker and hooked out my case and
fleece. You can,t rely on London weather Amy had told me. As I
stretched I wondered if the man opposite was still reading his
newspaper or if there was something else to cast an eye over. I
laughed to myself at the thought of it. Maybe he had a daughter the
same age and would be chastising himself for daring to peek.
The doors opened and we filed down the steps and across the apron. The air was still quite chilly as the sun hadn’t got high enough to burn through the thin cloud. I smiled as the nipples went erect again and this time it wasn’t just because of the cold. He would be waiting for me hopefully and if half of what he told me last night we achieved between now and lunchtime then the early alarm call this morning and the two weeks since I had seen him last would be worth it. How I longed to be with him and to be held by him. The line of pasengers trooped into the airport terminal building. My stomach began to churn with excitement and a degree of nervousness and anxiety.
The phone buzzed in my hand and as I opened it his voice said “hello
sexy where are you?”
“hi! Just coming. In the queue for passport control but I have all my
luggage with me. Maybe 5 minutes?”
“ok great, looking forward to seeing you. Look for the red Mini Cooper with the soft top down when you go out through the doors at the exit.”
“got it. What you planning for us today ? Not naked in bed all day are we?”
“well that sounds a plan but no I have more imagination than that.
You’ll have to wait and see. But I thought you’d want to ditch the
case and freshen up first”.
“sounds good but I am next in the queue and there are signs up saying no phones. I don’t want to get arrested!”
“ok. Red Mini”
I closed the phone and handed over my passport to the rather grey
tense looking woman in a uniform behind the desk. She flicked her eyes at my face when she found my photo and I smiled back at her. Her face didn’t flinch. She paused to flick through the pages crammed with entry and exit visas.
“Where have you come from?/ she asked
“Paris today, but I live in Nice.”
“when was your last trip and where did you go?” she went on. This time she looked me straight in the eye.
“I got back home from 2 weeks in South America about a month ago. Flight was from Lima via Madrid” I was beginning to think something was wrong but what?
“and your reason for coming to the UK today?”
“visiting friends for 5 days”
“and then what?” she asked.
“and then back to Nice and work.”
“thank you, enjoy your stay.” she handed me back my passport.
I put it back in my bag, grabbed the handle of my wheelie suitcase and mumbeled a thank you at her. Why did they make you feel so guilty even when you hadn’t done anything wrong?
I slipped through the busy luggage area and out into the terminal.
Being such a busy business airport the check in gates were busy with suiited and booted passengers heading for Zurich and Amsterdam and Dublin. The noise and hub hub was quite amazing. A few heads turned my way as I refixed my sun glasses to my head and sauntered across towards the exit. My heart was pounding now and I fought to keep calm and my composure. Another minute not with him seemed more than I could bare even after 2 whole weeks. My boots made a click clack sound on the floor tiles.
I stopped to take off my fleece. I wanted him to see me as good as I could manage and then I walked through automatic doors.
Again the cool breeze hit me but I hardly noticed as I eagerly looked
for him. Black London cabs with their noisy engines queued at the
front of the airport building. Their drivers in groups chatting about
last night’s football or the state of the country. A double decker red London bus squeezed its way out into the traffic.
A horn sounded and a voice shouted, “Sam Sam”
I turned and strained to look where the shouting was coming from.
The horn sounded again. Craig’s red Mini did have the good down and he standing like a maniac
waving. But it was the mass of fluttering floating helium filled
balloons tied by long pink satin ribbons to the mirrors and anything
else Craig could find which made me laugh.
We waved at each other and he jumped out of the car and ran down the pavement towards me. He was wearing a pair of cargo trouser shorts, a t-shirt with a band’s tour dates printed across it and training shoes.
I was swept up in his arms, my feet leaving the ground as he hugged me and swung me around.
He gently lowered me to the ground and we gave each other a tentative kiss, soft, gentle, sensitive. Both of us a little anxious of over bearing the other with the need for and the desire to give ourselves to each other.
His stuble felt rough on my cheek and neck and yet somehow it was
reassuring and at the same time quite alluring and sexy. He smelled of his favourite supermarket branded shower gel that we had joked about how classy it was. He felt good to hold and be held by.
He stepped back to admire me.
“phew! You look fantastic, possibly even better than I remember” he
said with a huge grin.
“you like?” I said in a whisper suddenly a little shy and uncertain.
“you bet. Damn you look good.” he said. Pulling me close and hugging me.
“I see you pulled out all the stops then” eyeing him up and down.
“aw I am sorry about that. I slept through the alarm and had just
enough time to deal with those, nodding at the balloons,” and grab a
shower that shaving and proper clothes wasn’t an option.” he looked
like a little boy at this point and somewhat crestfallen.
I put the plam of my right hand against his left cheek and kissed him
on the tip of his nose,”I love you regardless,” I said. “but don’t do
it again?” I joked.
He smiled. “come on before that traffic warden gets me a parking
ticket” and with that he grabbed my case in one hand and with the
other scooped it round my waist.
My case and bag went on the back seat and he handed me the balloons.
“not sure what to do with these now, they look a bit ridiculous” he
said as he gunned the car into life and shifted the automatic into
“oh no it was a great idea. I love it.” I said touching his thigh with
one hand and while holding onto the satin ribbons. “let’s tie them to the bed and about your flat? Or something” I said.
“you really think so” he said as he pulled the car out into the traffic.
“yeah I do. This is a lovely surprise.”
He asked me about the flight and what I would like to do over the next few days. We chatted about Amy and I told him she sent her love and that I had an hilarious story to fill him in on later.
The early morning rush hour was well under way and the traffic was
often very busy. We stopped at a busy junction and waited for the
lights to change.
We were in the lane on the outside looking to turn right. A woman in
her early 30s was standing on the island in the middle of the road
dressed for office work in trousers and a cream blouse. Standing next to her was a little girl with long blond hair tied I fench platts and wearing what looked like a school uniform. Straw boater and a pink check dress and white ankle socks with a little bit of lace detail.
Her eyes were cornflour blue and were the size of saucers. Her long
fair eye lashes set off the look and she loked so sweet. The woman and the little girl were holding hands. I nudged Craig and made a face about how gorgeous the little girl looked.
“let me have a balloon Sam please?” Craig asked quietly.
“sure , why?” I asked a bit surprised.
“you’ll see.”
I handed him one of the balloons.
Craig stretched out his hand towards the little girl who looked at
thensllon’ then Craig and then her mum.
“go on, I’d i…. in fact we would both love her to have it” Craig said
smiling to the woman.
“say thank you Emily. What a lovely surprise. Mrs Hills will wonder
what on earth you are doing bringing a lovely balloon to school.” said the woman clearly touched by the offer.
“thank you” said the little girl completely blown away by what was
happening and she took the satin ribbon tied to the balloon very
carfully in her hand.
“you are very welcome Emily” said Craig”have a lovely day”
The lights changed in favour of Emily and her mum and they walked in front of us, Emily skipping along the balloon trailing behind her.
“you are such a softie” I purred in Craig’s ear and I nibbled it
gently. My hand resting on his thigh. I felt something stir beneath my hand and I smiled to myself as I let my tongue flick round his ear
lob. More stiring beneath my hand.
The lights changed again and we were off into a quieter broad avenue with mature trees towering high on both sides, their branches meeting to form an arch across the road.
My hair was swept back and I squeaked a little as Craig put on a burst of speed.
“isn’t this great?” he asked as we went past some joggers and groups of children on their way to school. The remainder of our balloons following us like bobbing heads.
A few minutes later he slowed to turn off the road into a gated
entrance behind which stood a converted warehouse apartment block.
Craig pressed a button on the key fob and the gates as if magically
opened before us. He found his parking space and amongst giggling about the balloons and how big my case was for just a few nights we made our way via the lift to his apartment.
It was a classic converted apartment. Original wooden floors, high
celings, huge glass windows running from floor to ceiling opening out onto a balcony giving a stunning view across the River up towards The City.
Craig showed me round.
“I um wasn’t sure what space you would need so I emptied some stuff out of the spare bedroom wardrobe but I had to leave them on the bed.”
“so you want me to sleep on the floor?” I teased
“um er maybe you could if you don’t snore … that is … maybe top and tail with me. I would be perfect gentleman. Or there is the sofa I
“you are just cheeky and you are lovely too. Thanks for thinking this
through but all I need is a couple of hangers. The rest of my stuff
can hang out in my case”
I motioned to him with my hands and arms opened wide. He stepped
closer and held me close to him. Our bodies just satisfied to feel the
closeness of each other. I felt his heart beat and the warmth of his
breath on my bare neck.
I drew my hands round his neck, pressing my thighs against his. I
could feel him growing and straining beneath the thick cotton of his
shorts. We kissed this time slow lingering sensuous wet kisses. Our
mouths wrapped round each others and his tongue played with mine. I relaxed and leant more against him. My eyes closed and arms pulling him tighter and tighter. I wanted him to want me so much. He tasted so good and his touch made me temble slightly. His hands were gently caressing inside my top reaching from the low waist of my skirt to the nape of my neck.
He broke off, “you feel so good” his mouth softly kissing my eye lids
and forehead. I lay my head on his chest.
“Craig” I whispered, “let’s make love, take me to bed please”.


Craig’s story

Sam seemed so keen to see me when I called to say why didn’t she come over for a long weekend. It happened to tie with her being in Paris to cover some conference or other so it all worked out quite well.

Even although I wasn’t in bed for long last night, I could hardly
sleep with excitement and nervous anticipation. When I saw her at the airport I suddenly knew why I was so nervous. She was absolutely gorgeous. Better than than I could remember. Normally girls that looked like that didn’t even acknowledge I existed
or if I did it was something unpleasant on the bottom of their shoe.
But to see Sam and oh those long tanned legs that seemed to reach all the way to her arm pits! Her narrow hips and her sparkling clear eyes. I wasn’t sure if it was love or lust! She stood on the pavement and there was an air of sexiness but also vulnerability about her that I just loved. She just looked like she needed a hug.

I felt a bit like a puppy. All legs and limbs and not quite sure how
to behave. But getting helium balloons had been a great idea. It
certainly broke the ice and that moment at the lights with Emily? I
just so wanted someone to share how happy I was. And did she look so sweet with her mum or what?

I had spent half the night cleaning and scrubbing the flat. The weekly cleaner is okay but I didn’t think Sam would appreciate how a single bloke normally exists. Every area of the flat was to be spotless and tidy. I even cleared up the second bedroom just in case I was assuming too much but I came unstuck with the junk that I kept in the wardrobe.

Having Sam with me makes me feel like on top of the world. A couple of times she rested her hand in my crotch. It was like as if she had sent 240 colts through me.

Even lying here after making love so wonderfully and thinking about
her makes me excited. She looks so peaceful, her chest rising and
falling gently, the sheet wrapped about her, her head resting on my
stomach. When I entered inside her she held my head so she could look into my eyes. There was such intensity such passion that as we found our rythm we said nothing other than what passed between our eyes, in the grip in our joined hands and the plunging wrything of our hips. After taking each other to the brink several times we finally burst in an explosive orgasm that washed over us in waves, the still morning air in the flat ringing with the echo of us calling out each other’s name. After there was only the sound of heavy our breathing.

(to be continued after suggestions of potential story line are received. )